Wendy Sharp

Forth Valley Advocacy |

As soon as we saw your work we felt it would give us an edge when our service went out to tender. And, although we never knew our deadline, we felt totally confident that when we did you would be right there with us, and you were. Even when we threw you a few curveballs you still managed to deliver ahead of time allowing us to concentrate on our side of things.

It is amazing how well you understood our service and totally captured what we do. I really don’t know how, but you certainly ‘got us’. There is so much information given but it is provided in such an interesting way you don’t feel at all overwhelmed; it is lovely having something unique that tells people the story of our service in a way that suits us. In fact we like what you did so much that we plan on ‘adopting’ some of your ideas for our publicity material!

When we show people our Dynamic Illustration we can tell how captivated they are and we couldn’t be happier.