TSA Services

TEC Services did something very special to convey the advantages of technology in the care of the elderly, infirm and the physically or mentally impaired.

The audience are practitioners, experts in the field of care but not necessarily experienced in the use of technology.

So they had 10 (actually it's more like 20!) Dynamic Illustrations to succinctly explain each element of care and technology, and where it can be used to;

Protect - Detect - Connect

Rowan Atkins

Rowan Atkins

TEC Services

At every stage of this project, David and Jon have gone out of their way to deliver a really high standard of work.

They are creative, professional, reliable and flexible.

And they really listen. Both to my ever-changing brief and to all my feedback.

I trusted them throughout the process and they delivered 10 engaging and informative films.

I’d definitely work with them again and will be recommending them to colleagues and other clients.

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