The Dynamic Illustration Plus Pack

Additions to your DI, that makes it even more impactful.

Subtitle Version

There are so many situations, such as an open office, or the underground, where the audio cannot be used, but don't lose the impact, we can add subtitles to your Dynamic Illustration to ensure the viewer understands your message even with the speakers turned off.


Multi Language

We can offer your Dynamic Illustration in multiple languages, German, Italian, French and Spanish for Europe.  We can do Portuguese and Spanish Speaking for Mid and South America.   For the Asia Pacific region, we can even do Mandarin!


Twitter Ready

When you use native videos, the reach is much greater than if you place a link.   The visual library is combined with both images and videos that is off to the side for easy user access.  We will segment your DI into multiple videos so that it fits within the 40 second limits for videos, plus you'll have more videos to post.


Powerpoint Ready

PowerPoint was introduced in 1987, it's about time we thought of something more engaging.  We will build a powerpoint presentation with each of your recorded frames (without the audio) that is set to play for about 30 seconds.  Enabling you to talk whilst the illustration is being drawn behind you.

You can ask for a quote for this at any time during the creation process,
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