Dynamic Illustrations are brought to you by Tickling Trout®; run by Jon Newlyn and David Hopkins. David and Jon happened across whiteboard animation a few years ago when we were shown a link to the RSA Animate series of speed drawn cartoons.


The members of Tickling Trout provide a good mix of skill, experience and enthusiasm to ensure you receive the highest level of service and most importantly, value for money.  If you have had experience in either department you will understand the conflict that sometimes happens between Marketing and Sales, that Marketing doesn’t understand Sales and vice-versa.

The unique approach from Tickling Trout means that we have sales people delivering marketing services, which means can deliver to you, a clear, concise understanding of what the Marketing department wants to deliver and what the Sales team expects.

We are sales people who are providing marketing services that we would like, as sales people, to receive.


Executive Director

The dovetail of the team, doesn’t really do detail, unless it’s closing a deal! Doesn’t understand networking meetings as he … Read More


Executive Director

Once a geek, always a geek! After a career with the largest PC communications vendor in the world, Jon helped … Read More



The realist of the team understands the issues and makes quick, pragmatic decisions unless of course it’s to do with … Read More


Content Manager

Once upon a time, she was a secondary school teacher and has also been an organisational guru as a PA. … Read More



Paul was born at a very early age & took up scribbling as soon as he could hold a crayon … Read More


Jude make the rest of us feel old! He has great web and CSS skills and has allowed us to raise the bar in terms of delivering websites across multiple platforms.