Storyboarding your Dynamic Illustration

This is where the shoots of your Explainer Video starts to come to life.

Storyboarding Step One

We start by storyboarding our ideas for the different video frames.  We will draw a ‘simple’ line drawing to indicate what we intend to record in the studio.

Don’t worry about the detail, we’ll add that.

Just see how the illustration matches the script.  That’s not to say it is the same as the script as sometimes it is a good idea to get the audience's brain to work at it a little, that way the message goes in deeper.


Storyboarding Step Two

Once you are happy with the script and the illustrations, we will schedule the recording.

To speed up the production time and to ensure your Dynamic Illustration is delivered to the highest satisfaction we use the ConceptBoard to make it easy for you to feedback:

You can now choose your voice over artist from a selection of more than 40.

You will also realise at storyboarding why the script isn’t completely signed off as sometimes the drawings dictate a slight change of script.

This approach stops the process from being formulaic and keeps the creativity at an optimum level.

For example; on one such project we began drawing a small dog on each frame and we quickly adjusted the script and the drawings to show that the dog always knew who the bad party was throughout the whole Dynamic Illustration.

It worked brilliantly.

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