Dynamic Illustration - Whiteboard Animation

After more than 250 successful Dynamic Illustrations we believe we know what it takes to deliver a compelling message to your audience. There is nothing we love more than to understand a new proposition and then trun and twisted into a story that (hopefully) you had never thought of trying.

We carefully script your proposition and then narrate it to you over the phone so you hear you proposition told to you by someone else. We then storyboard your Dynamic Illustration ad, once you are happy we will record your explainer video while you choose your voice over.

We then knit it all together and deliver you a Dynamic Illustration that is uniquely yours.

It seems only fitting that as the idea for whiteboard animation was started in the UK by the Royal Society of Arts (RSA), who also were the inspiration for us to get started with DIs, that we are now the only agency that delivers hand crafted Videos and offer a quadruple satisfaction guarantee. A guarantee that has yet to be used!

Fusion Dynamic Illustration

A Fusion style Dynamic Illustration is where our engaging whiteboard illustration 'Fuses' with real life video footage to maximise the impact of your message or story.  This is an example of the Dynamic Illustration Fusion we created for GoSkyDive.

Explaining to excited people who have agreed to jump out of a perfectly good plane is really difficult,  This style of video clearly explains what is required BEFORE so they are allowed to jump.  A PDF document or plain video just didn't work.

This fusion style Dynamic Illustration rose to the challenge, helping the customer to remember everything through a compelling and humorous story and, as such GoSkyDive clients get the most from their day.

As filming a sky dive is an integral part the experience GoSkyDive deliver some great footage after the big jump and by coupling this with our Fusion style Dynamic Illustration GoSkyDive now have the perfect product to prepare their clients before the big jump.

Heads Up Dynamic Illustration

Merging two types of visuals makes your audience work harder and the effect is compelling. A Heads Up Dynamic Illustration has a speaker that tells your story with your Dynamic Illustration being drawn to one side.

This works particular well if you have a case story to complete and because you get a professional speaker narrating an agreed script. When the speaker talks about the product we can segway to a full page drawing and then return when it is right for the script. We can even move the speaker around the screen to fit what is being drawn.

This does take more resource, especially at the editing stage but the results are enticing and help draw your audience into your message.

Chalkboard Dynamic Illustration

It never normally good to be negative, but in this case it can work really well. Instead of illustrating with black pens on white boards we use chalk pens on a black board.

The result is very different and invloves more colour than a normal Whiteboard Animation. It is an offering that is unique to Tickling Trout® and demonstrates our talent within the team and the flexibility that can only be achieved through hand crafted illustrations.

The process is the same, create the script, create the storyboard, order the voice over, record the Illustration and edit it all together, but the effect can be quite atmospheric and certainly gets your audiences attention.

Enterprise Dynamic Illustration

They say that a video can cost a £1,000 per minute to make, but an animation can cost a £1,000 per second.

Our Enterprise Dynamic Illustration is not for the faint hearted but can include fully animated characters and full lip sync, bringing to life your message, or more importantly, your story.

It is a compelling, high end animation that is designed for Enterprise companies only.

They are normally quite short and to the point but fit when the brand is tight and first impressions are everything.

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