The first thing you need to consider is where you are going to put your Dynamic Illustration. In other words, where are you going to host it?

The three platforms we recommend are;

  1. YouTube
    1. Pros - 1 Billion unique views a month!
    2. Cons - YouTube is there for YouTube, not you.  You need to get prospects off YouTube and into your pipeline
  2. Vimeo
    1. Pros - No video adverts
    2. Cons - It costs
  3. Wistia
    1. Pros - Viewer to lead engine
    2. Cons - it costs (a lot)

Just remember - You buy the product or your are the product

The one platform we recommend you don't use is your own website and we can give you 10 reasons not to;

  1. Server Bandwidth - You are likely to have restrictions on your hosted server
  2. File size limits and storage space - There are sometimes limits on individual files and maybe restrictions on your storage size.
  3. Slow loading or freezing video - Your server is not optimised for video. This will ruin the user experience.
  4. No single format - HTML5 does not specify video formats - Video platforms just handle this
  5. Multiple versions for each device - Quadrupling your edit and storage
  6. Video Players - Is the one you pick a good one, what's the support like?
  7. Cumbersome Code - Unless you love a bit of HTML!
  8. Varying quality - The plugin you choose to convert your video vary greatly in quality
  9. Loss of visibility - You are working against popular video platforms instead of using the them to your advantage
  10. Piracy - Because the video paths are easily exposed in the source code that makes them vulnerable.

Just choose your video platform, upload your Dynamic Illustration

and then just embed your video on your site.

Once accessible there’s lots of ways you can use a Dynamic Illustration

Here’s how some of our clients are using their Dynamic Illustrations:How i can use a dynamic illustration

  • Embedding into website home pages, product pages and landing/splash pages to welcome customers to your website and introduce them to your products and services
  • Sending via email marketing campaigns to introduce new customers and generate interest in your business and encourage sales
  • Sharing on social media to increase the awareness and visibility of your business. Video is a great format to post, pin and SHARE!
  • Presenting complicated ideas or concepts – Visuals make complex ideas much easier to understand and digest. An animated video can also make things fun!
  • Pitching for investment or funding – Explain your business features, benefits and investment opportunities in a fun yet professional way. Use your animated video as part of your presentation to new investors or on your crowdfunding page! Avoid death by powerpoint!
  • Or even watch the video below to find out how you can send it via snail mail:


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