Video Production of your Explainer VideoThis is where it all comes together.

The video production takes place once we have the finished drawings in their raw format (we have some 3 to 5Gb worth of video ready for editing) and we have received the finish voiceover narration. Rebecca will do her magic, melding the visuals and audio together into a sharp, punchy and compelling explainer video.

It will, of course, have your Call to Action on the final frame.  So don’t forget to let us know what that is.

We are also becoming quite proficient in foreign languages.  From nearby ones in Welsh to Asian ones in Mandarin.

Following the final video production, it will then be uploaded and made available for you to view.  At this stage it is still embargoed so you will be given a password to view.

Your final Dynamic Illustration will be made available to you for final sign off and, when you’re happy, we’ll be happy. You can sign off the DI using the form underneath and a download button will be available within 24/48 hours.

You are then the proud owner of your Dynamic Illustration.


But, it doesn’t end there.

For first time customers, we will send you advice over the next few weeks about how best to use your Dynamic Illustration.

The Dynamic Illustration that is sent to your prospects ALWAYS outperforms the Dynamic Illustration that sits in your top draw!

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