When you sell your house the Estate Agent will often refer to 'Staging' your house to help you it sell.  This is the posh term because for us it says you need to clear out all the clutter and let the prospective buyer actually see what they want to buy.  In the same way you need to..

“Clear the clutter out from your message"


The way to do this is to restrict what you want to say.

This may seem counterproductive to creating a compelling script, but 80% of creative work is destructive and by limiting what you can say helps you to focus on work the most important aspects of your product or service is.

Imagine you have one chance to pitch your proposition to a prospect in a lift, but you are only going up one floor:

prospect in a lift

  • What do you say?
  • What's the one big thing that will get their attention?

Next, imagine you are asked to draw an Owl, given a free hand you'll probably say you can't do it, because most of us will draw a weird bird like creature, but If we ask you to draw an Owl just using circles and triangles the question is now what type of Owl will it look like.  The restriction helps not hinders.

Now think of the messages that you remember, recently, and as a child.  You'll realise that most of them are stories.  So think about how your proposition can be part of a story, people remember stories and the most important aspect of your explainer video is to be remembered.  (Don't worry it's our job to write your story, you job to critique it!)

Creating empathy with your viewer is also important and the best way is to identify the pain that your viewer is likely to be experiencing in the first few paragraphs.

Most of us remember the chimps that were used in the PG Tips adverts  ("Dad, do you know the pianos on my foot?",  "You hum it son I'll play it").  We know that chimps have nothing to do with tea, but everything to do with humour, and it is the humour that we remember, because the only thing more memorable than stories are jokes.


So let's make your message compelling, concise and comical

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